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1 – Buyer issues ICPO along with Buyer’s company registration certificate.

2 – Seller issues Sale & Purchase Agreement (SPA), Buyer review, amend (if necessary), signs, and return the SPA in WORD format to Seller within seven (7) banking days along with buyer’s Client Information Sheet (CIS) and stating the exact bank issuing the Financial Instrument and the Financial Instrument issuer’s Client Information Sheet (CIS) “if different from the buyer’s company name”. Seller sends Final Approved SPA to Buyer in PDF Format along with the Proforma Invoice for buyer’s issuance of SBLC MT760 / DLC MT700 pre-advice or Ready, Willing and Able (RWA) MT999/199/799 to Seller’s fiduciary bank outside Russian Federation confirming their readiness and capability to execute the transaction.

3 – Buyer sends swift copy of their issued SBLC MT760 / DLC MT700 pre-advice or Ready, Willing and Able (RWA) MT999/199/799 to Seller’s fiduciary bank outside Russian Federation. Upon confirmation, Seller issues to Buyer via email the following transaction documents (Partial POP):

~ Unconditional Commitment to Supply.

~ Certificate of Analysis (COA) also known as Product Passport.

~ Statement of Product Availability.

~ Commercial Invoice for the total 1st shipment product value.

4 – Within seven (7) banking days, Buyer’s bank in accordance with seller’s verbiage issues swift fully funded SBLC MT760 or DLC MT700 to Seller’s fiduciary bank account outside Russian Federation to cover the 1st shipment total product value and send swift copies sent to Seller to enable seller commence loading of product with the shipping company. Seller’s bank issues 2% PB to Buyer’s bank to activate Buyer’s financial instrument within seven (7) days. NOTE: If due to any reason buyer can’t issue the SBLC MT760 / DLC MT700 pre-advise or RWA MT999/199/799 in procedure #2, buyer is to request for the Commercial Invoice for the direct issuance of SBLC MT760 or DLC MT700 immediately after signing of the Contract.

Meanwhile, the alternate solution to all is to request for invoice and make a REFUNDABLE/DEDUCTIBLE 5% security guarantee deposit of the total 1st shipment value via T/T Wire Transfer after signing of the contract. Upon confirmation, Seller will proceed straight into shipment and furnish buyer with the FULL POP Documents via bank to bank.

The Duration of the financial instrument issuance must be more than 180 days.

5 – Upon Seller’s bank successful exchange of instrument method with buyer’s bank or REFUNDABLE/DEDUCTIBLE Security Guarantee Deposit / Payment of 5% of the total 1st shipment product value via T/T Wire to seller’s fiduciary bank, Seller to finalize loading within five – seven (5-7) working days.

Seller invites buyer for visitation to witness the final inspection and TTM for negotiation of future transactions   (Optional to Buyer).

Seller loads product within six (6) international working days, signs NCNDA/IMFPA between all intermediaries involved with the notarized copy sent to Seller’s bank and registers & legalizes the contract and sends to Buyer the following Full POP Document by swift via bank to bank and a copy via email to buyer and representative. Seller sends one full set of ORIGINAL POP documents to our authorized Customs Clearance agent at destination port, and send one full set of COPIES POP documents to Buyer’s address via DHL or FedEx expedite (overnight) service and provide tracking numbers. (17 sets below):

~ Copy of the Charter Party Agreement(s) to Transport the Product to Discharge Port.

~ Act of Transfer/Change of Ownership Title.

~ Certificate of Incorporation.

~ Registered & Legalized Contract.

~ Allocation Title Ownership Certificate.

~ Copy of License to Export.

~ Copy of Approval to Export.

~ Port Storage Tank Agreement.

~ Tank Receipt

~ Certificate of Origin

~ Notice of Readiness (NOR)

~ SGS/Saybolt Certificate of Quality and Quantity, One (1) Original and three (3) copies.

~ Cargo Manifest

~ Vessel Ullage report

~ Vessel Q88

~ Bill of Lading

~ Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

6 – Buyer notifies seller by official written notice of his bank receiving seller’s pop documents. Shipment commences as per contract schedule and product is shipped to buyer’s designated discharge port and upon arrival of the cargo at the discharge port, buyer’s inspection team carries out CIQ, SGS or equivalent inspection to ascertain quality and quantity.

7 – Product is discharged into buyer’s destination port/storage facility after successful inspection, Buyer release payment via swift fund transfer MT103/TT within 3 to 5 banking days to Seller for total shipment value after discharge of product at destination port/storage facility and receipt of the entire relevant shipping documents. Seller within 48 hours pays the intermediaries involved according to signed & notarized NCNDA/IMFPA. Second and succeeding shipments continue.



1 – Buyer issues ICPO, Company Registration Certificate and TSA.

2 – Seller issues commercial invoice, Buyer signs and return commercial
invoice along with an acceptance letter of commitment to execute transaction.

3 – Seller issues to Buyer the below Partial POP Documents:

~ Statement of Product Availability.

~ Unconditional Commitment to Supply.

~ SGS Chemical Testing Application Form issued by Seller, to be signed by
Buyer for processing of Fresh SGS.

~ Inspection Approval Letter to be signed by buyer’s tank farm.

4 – Upon confirmation of the above documents by Buyer, Seller issues to the
Buyer the below Full POP Documents:

~ Injection Schedule.

~ Act of Transfer / Change of Ownership Documents.

~ Authority to Sell and Collect (ATSC)

~ Freshly Updated SGS Report (72 Hours).

~ Injection / Q&Q Report.

~ Tank Storage Receipt (TSR) with tank number, GPS coordinates and tank

~ Authorization to Verify (ATV) physical verification.

~ Unconditional Dip Test Authorization (DTA).

5 – NCNDA/IMFPA is signed by all intermediaries / agents / mandates
involved. Upon successful dip test by Buyer, Buyer presents its TSR and Seller
injects product into Buyer’s tanks and Buyer makes payment for the total value
of product injected into the tanks by MT103/TT.

6 – Seller pays all intermediaries / agents / mandates involved in the
transaction. Upon satisfaction by Buyer, both Buyer and Seller sign contract
for monthly delivery with rolls and extension.